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Massage Tips for Valentine’s Day

We want to give you some massage tips, especially for Valentine’s Day. Improve your skills with these 8 massage tips and tricks of the trade and impress your loved one.

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1 Press the Soft Bits

It’s really simple, we don’t want to press on bones, it just doesn’t feel nice and if you press hard enough you might actually do some real damage. The only part of your body we want to massage is the muscle. A very easy way to do this if you don’t know anatomy is to just press on the soft bits. If you feel something hard, it’s probably a bone. Or in case of a Valentine’s day massage, it could be something else… but this is not that type of blog, so I’m not even going to go there. So massage only the soft bits. 

2 Avoid the Spine at All Cost

One of the most important roles of the spine is to protect your nervous system, the part where your brain tells your body what to do, let’s call it the software of your body. If you break the spine the software can’t get to parts of the body and tell it what to do, in other words, you will be paralysed. So, unless you’ve specifically studied to become a certified chiro practitioner or osteopath, avoid, avoid, avoid!! What you can do is massage slightly next to it, by pressing slightly on the soft areas (recap the first paragraph on soft bits). A nice way to do it is to go from the neck down or the other way around.

3 Everything Leads to the Heart

During Valentine’s Day, matters of the heart are of the utmost importance. It just happens to be the same case for massaging. Everything leads to the heart, meaning your blood flows to the heart in veins. These veins are located just underneath the skin and when massaging it’s like pushing liquid from underneath a plastic film towards one place. Veins are like little one way tunnels with gates to prevent backflow. So when massaging we need to make sure we don’t go against these gates or we’ll break them. One simple way of doing that is just always massaging towards the heart. 

4 Communicate and Listen

Like any good relationship, communication and listening are key. Especially when it comes to pressure. Some people love deep tissue massage and others can not handle it at all. So keep on asking when you change the pressure how it is. If on the receiving end and your partner does something amazing, tell them, trust me… They get better at what they are already good at and only add to heir repertoire.

5 Scoopy Doo

One really simple trick is to hold both hands in a scoop shape like you are holding a can. Place one hand around the neck and the other on the shoulder. Followed by alternatively kneading and by pushing up 3 to 5 cm. Try kneading the neck with one hand whilst the other is massaging the shoulder at the same time. If any of these massage tips should stick it should be this one.

6 Hands and Positions

Another massage tip is while massaging use the entire inside of your hand. Palm and fingers while performing slow, relaxing massage strokes. If you use your thumbs go for little circular movements. Using your thumbs will become very strenuous over time so a little trick would be to alternate with a long stroke pushing everything away. Don’t do deep tissue techniques unless you are a trained massage therapist as they have learned how to avoid getting injuries with deep tissue massage techniques, so they can do it the entire day. But whatever you choose to do with your hands, don’t rush, take your time and they will work out.

7 To Tie the Knot or Not

Regardless if you want to tie the know or not with this person. You will feel little knots in muscle tissue. Muscles are like a lot of elastic bands tied together, sometimes, parts can get a bit stuck together, in muscles we call these knots or ‘adhesions’ to sound more professional. If you feel a little bump on the muscle, this might be a knot. You can use the small circular movements mentioned in the previous paragraph to slowly help loosen these ‘elastic bands’ and, try to massage them away. Not all knots will disappear straight away, so repeat massages are needed.

8 Blindfold Yourself 

This is a little trick to help bring your attention to how your hands are on the other person’s skin. This connection is what makes or breaks a massage. It allows you to adopt and enable a different sense, allowing you to in a way, ‘see’ with your hands, feel your way as a means of exploration. It is a simple way that will improve your massaging skills immensely.

Enjoy and hope you liked these massage tips on how to give a good Valentine’s Day massage.

Let us know how it went!


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