What is Reiki?

A Japanese healing technique which works by encouraging the ‘life force’, (a.k.a prana, universal energy, etc) through the body so it can rebalance to its natural healthy state. It works by having the reiki practitioner channel these energies by placing their hands on or off your body. It works with the meridians and chakra and balances these by going to the places which needs it the most. 

It is used to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

How does it feel?

People say they feel relaxed, peaceful, get into a meditative state, some people even feel a slight tingly feeling, or feel quite light, or feel nothing at all.

Afterwards it is quite normal to feel some kind of energetic change, you can feel calmer, lighter, more free, grounded and/or focused. You could also feel exhausted or slightly ‘high’. More emotional or more stable You could experience vivid dreams and other various detox symptoms could arise like the urge to rest or drink more water. You could feel all of these or none at all, individual is different

Who can get Reiki?

Anybody can get Reiki as long it and it is not forced upon them. Sick people, terminally ill, recovering from operations, emotionally unbalanced, period pain or any other physical or emotional pain even pets can have reiki..

How often should I get Reiki?

It is completely up to you. You can have Reiki as a one of or get weekly treatments.


60min - £55         

90min - £75